It always seems like your phone never has enough battery life, so here are some tips on how to get the most juice out of your phone! These tips should work on all smartphones.


Turn off Mobile Data. If your device  mobile data is always on , it will absorb some amount of battery.If you’re not on Wi-Fi. Turning 4G off while on Wi-Fi will save loads of battery and even data if that’s a concern for you.

  • For iOS, you can turn off any network connection by going to your control Centre and turning on Airplane Mode.
  • For Android, go to settings, find mobile data, and slide the switch to off.

Turn off Bluetooth and GPS. Bluetooth and GPS are two of the bigger battery killers, and should be off if you’re not using them. But If you are, be sure to have your phone charging otherwise your battery life will reduce.

Keep display to a minimum. If you have a Super backlight display  be sure to keep the brightness down or on auto.

  • Setting your wallpaper to black will also help. (If a color is true black on a Super backlight  display, those pixels will turn off, saving that much battery.)
  • Simply keeping your phone off will help loads, you don’t need to check Facebook every 10 seconds.

Task Managing. Task managing is important, it keeps the processor from having to work overtime for no reason and drain your battery even more.

  • Android 2.3+: Download and install a third party task managing app, then follow the instructions given.

  • Android 4.0+: If you have a task managing app on Android 4.0+, get rid of it! Android 4.0 has evolved into a great task manager all by itself and third party task managing apps will actually drain more battery than they will save. Press the “Recent apps” button then slide each task to the left or right until it disappears. If you don’t have a recent apps button, press an hold the home button. Repeat often, like before locking your phone.
Plug it in. Keep your phone charging as much as you possibly can while you’re at home, so whenever you leave the house, you’ll always leave with full battery. All phones now have a Lithium-Ion battery, so they won’t “overcharge” and cause the battery to explode or catch on fire.

Keep it from overheating. Overheating is usually a sign of the processor working hard. If your phone is hot in a particular area, switch off your phone for a moment, or put it in the fridge to cool for a few minutes.

Get a new battery. If you followed all the steps above and your battery still doesn’t last very long, it may be time for a new battery. 

  • On Androids, live wallpapers use up more battery than static images.
  • Avoid making calls whilst the phone is on charge;it can cause you health problems or damage your battery and the phone as well.


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