Nowadays, saving files made more easier. Documents,Photos ,messages ,contacts  can now be saved in a mobile device.
At the same time, deleting files is as easier as saving. There are also instances where files or data will be lost or deleted without your intention. So, if you are struggling with this problem, then this article will definitely assist you. Wondershare have something to do with this problem.

 With the help of Wondershare, deleted or lost files can easily be recovered and restored. Any type of android mobile is supported by Wondershare  software. Deleted contacts ,messages,  photo, music or even videos can now be recovered with no difficulties. This literally works on android, iOS, windows phone. ALL kinds of mobile!

Don’t lose hope when you suddenly deleted that important file!

Because there’s this piece of software that will recover it for you in no time! No matter how the situation is, you can easily recover almost any file, WonderShare will bring it to life again!

The recovered data will be from recycle bin , SD card,backup, ROM and RAM. Recovering lost data will be based on how data have been lost. Just like, mobile have been damaged through water or mobile parts have been busted, also factory setting restoration can another be a reason of lost data.Recovery of files that are impossible to be restored, now have a solution on how to have it again. Let Wondershare do it for you.

To have for Wondershare  android, you have to install the software on your PC. The first thing to do in installing the software is download the said program, then, double click the set up tool which is drfone-for-android_full1531.exe. After that, run the program. Once the program is being installed or being ready to use, you can now start the steps for recovering the lost data.


Regarding with the steps of recovering the lost data, it is as simple as downloading applications. There are three steps on how to recover lost android data or  files. The following are the steps on how to recover lost data.

1.Download and Install Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android 5.5.0 – Click for more info and Download Link! NOTE: Carefully read instructions on how to install Wondershare Dr. Fone for successful installation.
First is connect your device to the PC where the software has been installed via USB chord. NOTE: while connecting, make sure that there are no other started device management software in order to successfully connect it.

Please look at your phone while getting connected to the PC as it may asked some permissions that you need to ACCEPT.

2.Second step will be identifying your device. Look on the screen of your PC, then identify your device, after identifying your device, you will see a NEXT button, click it in order to start analyzing the data on your device. Then, after analyzing all the data on your device, proceed to the next step.

3.The third step will be scanning and recovering all the lost or deleted files. This will be the last step to do. All you need to do right now is wait for the process to complete.

 Once all the data or files are analyzed, you can now choose what file you will want to recover. So, this is it. Feel free to recover all the deleted files on your device.
Now, you don’t have to be worried if all of your data on your device will be lost because wondershare is ready to help you. You can easily recover the following: Messages,Contacts, Whatsapp Logs,Call History logs,, even WhatsApp Attachments,Videos, Images, Audios/Mp3s and Documents!

So, what are you currently  waiting for? Install Wondershare software now to make mobile problems solved easily.


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