How To Find Your Misplaced Android Phone In Silent Mode

lost android phone in silent

Well,we are all aware of how important it is to put your smart phone in silent mode,but one of the major problems we often encounter is we forget the location we placed our phone that was in silent mode.

 This has happened to almost every mobile user before .What we mostly resort to is by calling our phone from others phone and you will hear the incoming sound but in the case your phone is placed on silent mode there is no way it can ring. To be able to find your phone that is in silent mode just follow the procedure below.

Finding the misplaced smartphone especially when it is in silent mode makes you feel helpless and restless, but we are here to help you out. We are providing you some ways to find your smartphone even when it is vibrate or silent mode


Methods To Find Your Misplaced Android Phone In Silent  Mode

Below are some of the methods to find your misplaced android device in silent mode.

1. Android Device Manager



  • From your laptop or different android phone, sign in to the Google account that you have used in your android smartphone that is misplaced or follow the link above. 
google my device
  • Now you need to select your device if you already have other devices connected with your google account.
  • You can either find your phone by selecting play sound and your android device will ring within 5mins.
  • Your phone can also be located by using the google map provided if you have enabled locations in your device settings.
Becareful not to select erase data because all your saved files on your device will be lost permanently.


2.Using Ring My Droid


ring my droid


The app Ring My Droid is an amazing app  that lets you find out your phone even on silent mode. The app is easy to use. Once you install it in your phone, it will set a key phrase by default  to RingMyDroid.

Incase you misplace your android device you can easily ring it by sending a simple message from a different phone.

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With these methods you can easily find your missing android device in silent mode,the power of android devices has made it very easy to do almost everything with your device.


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