Smartphone plays a very important role in daily life. These phones has become a means that not only helps us to store important files, documents etc, but also for playing games.

Does your smartphone’s  battery annoy you while playing your favourite game?Then check out these tips on how to improve  your phones battery while playing high graphic games.

How to save phone’s battery while playing high-graphics games

1. Turn on Power Saver Mode

It is always advisable to enable phone’s battery saver mode while you are playing high graphic games. Currently some games comes with power saver mode which enables you to preserve battery life while playng the game.
To enable power saver mode on android;Go to sttings-powersave mode.

2. Reduce your phone’s brightness

High brightness of smartphone consumes large amount of battery.Keeping smartphone’s brightness   high level enables you to see everything clearly and bright but this is also a point that you can’t deny at any way that it eats all your battery..

3. Reduce the volume of game

 Background music of games also consumes some amount of battery while playing games. You should reduce the volume or turn off the sound to prolong your batterys life.

4.Disable Background Processess

Clear all the programs that you currently dont need whiles playing high games.Background apps consumes battery even when they are not in use. Make sure you have clear all the processes running in background.

5. Turn on Flight mode

If you are willing to play your game for longer period ,then try flight mode. This is the bset but it comes with its disadvantage we are all aware of.Since when you enable this mode it turns your network off making ineligible to receive calls.


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