Smartphones play a vital role in our lives. From early morning to late night we use our smartphones for a different purpose. Whether you use your phone to play games, watch videos, capture images, surfing the net,making calls etc; smartphone allows us to do many things.

These  phones  come with some issues some of which are overheating of the phone.

As the changes in climate can affect phone’s internal temperature causing it to overheat. Most of us have experienced the problem of heating of  devices. If your smartphone gets too hot then it is a serious issue as it may destroy the CPU of your device and may cause your device to shut down automatically. Even a lower heating can also reduce your smartphone’s performance. 
I am sharing some ways to stop or control excessive heating of smartphones. Have a look.


1.Disable Programs That Are Not in Use 

If your smartphone is overheating,turn off programs that are currently not in use
One of the reasons why your phone keeps on heating regularly your could be Wifi, Mobile Data or Bluetooth.These programs are one of the major causes of overheating in smartphones due to their large memory consumption rate.

It is advisable to turn off  your Wifi, Bluetooth, and Mobile data when they are not in use.This will reduce the rate of CPU intake and keep your smartphone working smoothly.

2.Check Your Battery Terminals And Charging Cable.

Another factor you need to consider is the charging cable and terminals of your battery.Remove your battery and examine its terminals to verify if there are no dirt on the terminals as this contributes to heating of your phone.

If your phone overheat during charging you need to test your charger with other phones to see if the situation still persists, it is advisable to replace your charger with a new one.
3.Avoid Using Your Phone Whiles In Charge

Most people use their phone while charging. It is true that it becomes very difficult to stay away  from your smartphone when you have a task to perform while your battery is low. 

But this is a bad habit you must resist from as it can cause a lot of problems to your phone and your health as well. These actions cause processor work under huge amount of stress and your smartphone will eventually heat up and blast.

4.Playing High Graphic Games For Long Session.

Playing high graphic intensive games for longer period can cause your phone’s CPU to rise up to a higher limit and generate a lot of heat to your phone.
In order to reduce overheating of your phone take  some breaks of about 25mins while playing higher graphic-intensive games on your phone.As this will help reduce the problem of overheating of your phone.


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