How To Capture Someone’s Picture Who Tries To Unlock Your Phone

Today we are here to share with you a method on how to capture the picture of someone who tries to unlock your Android phone without your presence.Please follow the instructions given below.

An Android device is most widely used in every part of the world and there are numerous Android apps that is being developed daily that is being run on the Android OS.These apps make the use of Android phones more user-friendly, we are going to discuss a simple Android app that can be able to capture the photo of the intruder who tries to unlock your Android device without your presence.

Steps To Capture The Of Someone Who Tries To Unlock Your Android Phone.

1.In order to accomplish this task, you need to download and install the Android app called Hidden Eye. 

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2.Open the app in your Android phone and you will see three checkboxes.

3.Now tick the third option which reads, Show Intruders On Unlock and then click the OK button.

4.You have the choice to check the other options according to your wish.All you are required is to make sure you activate the app after you are done.

5.Now, this app will perform the magic for you and when anyone tries to unlock your android phone it will silently capture its face and save it in your file manager. That’s all , now your Android Phone will catch all your spies in your absence. Stay tuned for more useful tricks.
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