How To Download Facebook Videos On Pc Without Any Software

Downloading facebook videos on your Android phone or Pc has now become a problem for most of the people who love watching videos on facebook.Facebook Videos have now become very popular due to their nature.
There are sometimes you might come across a certain type of video on facebook that you wanted to download so that you can assess it when you don’t have mobile data or you just made a live video on facebook that you would need it on your device but unfortunately you don’t have any means to download the facebook video.
In this post, we are going to show you How To Download Facebook Videos On Android And Pc without any software.Just go through the post.

How To Download Facebook Videos On Pc Without Software

We are going to show you how you can easily download facebook videos on your Pc without any third party software and also how you can download facebook videos on your PC with the help of a software in our upcoming post.Just like youtube and other popular videos platform, InorderFacebook does not also provide any official way you can download videos on their plIn order to accomplish that you need to find out your own way, with the help of a simple trick you can now download facebook videos on our Pc without any software.Follow the steps below;

Downloading Facebook Videos Without Any software


1.Go to the page where you found the video or select any type of video you want to download on facebook.

2.Click on the video to open it.

3.Right-click on the video and copy the video URL.

Facebook video URL looks this way, “https://www”

4.Now after copying you need to change the URL from https://www to “https://m”

5.Paste the Facebook video Url in a different tab, When you view the video from your Pc, you will now see facebook mobile view which fills up the screen.


6.Now you can save the video to your computer by right-clicking on the video then select Save video As option.
7.Assign the name of your video and click on OK to start the download process.

Note that after changing the address of the facebook video from https://www to “https://m” you need to play the video before you right click to begin the download process else you will not see the Save video As option.
That’s all you need to know about how to download facebook videos on Pc without any software.I this the simplest way you can use to download facebook videos on your PC without software.


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