Latest Opera Mini’s Browser Is A Must Have

Whenever we mention the best browsers in the world, we mostly talk about Google Chrome and Microsoft edge forgetting about Opera Mini.Although not so popular and better than Chrome according to users review earlier on but the latest version of Opera mini is smart and perfect.

I must say you can now forget about Chrome and others, Opera mini has launched a new version of their browser titled; Opera Neon, this is extremely different from other web browsers.

The good news for opera users is that the new version has been integrated with tons of popular social messaging apps.

Opera Neon comes with a sidebar which contains Whatsapp,Facebook Messenger, and your defined apps which are intended to let you stay focus and save time whiles working online.

The browser comes with a friendly user interface and two different themes which you can customize to fit your needs.You can also set your own picture as the background of the app which makes it more appealing.

In order to get Opera Neon, you just have to update your old opera mini browser or you can visit here to download the latest version.

With Opera Neon you can now work with different apps right from your browser without opening a new tab on your PC.


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