Top List Of All Whatsapp Tips And Tricks You Didn’t Know

WhatsApp is the most popular and best instant messaging app in the world and there is no doubt about it.Today we have combined a list of the best WhatsApp tips and tricks everyone must be aware of as a WhatsApp user.This is to help Dannystech daily visitors enjoy the best of WhatsApp.Continue reading to explore all.


How Do I Send An Android App/Game Via Whatsapp

To be able to send an android app, game or any type of document on WhatsApp you need to follow this simple trick;

  • Go to your file manager and select the file you want to send via WhatsApp, rename the file from (.apk) or the particular file extension to either of these extensions (.doc) or (.txt).
  • You can directly send the file by long pressing on it and selecting share or you can also locate the contact you want to send the file to on WhatsApp, then select document from the top right corner.
  • Now locate the file you want to send and tap on it to send.


How Do I Send My Current Location On Whatsapp

Do you want to send your current location to either your contact on WhatsApp or in your group chat?To be able to send your location:

  • You need to select the contact or group you want to send to and then click on the top right paperclip in the chat menu.
  • In the menu, you have to select location and you will provided with a map of locations,you then have to select the one which best fits your current location.

How To Find Out Who Viewed My Whatsapp Status/Video


The new WhatsApp update now allows you to see who has viewed your photo or video status updates.To check out who viewed your status, simply go to the status tab, then open your published status and swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see a list of people who viewed your status.

How To Disable Automatic Download Of Files On Whatsapp

It is very important to disable auto download of multimedia files on your WhatsApp.This is vital to those that belongs to many groups on WhatsApp, this is because during WhatsApp group chats people mostly share multimedia files and these files consume a lot of data to download.
To disable this, go to your WhatsApp settings menu and then select “data usage”.You can setup your preferred options from there.

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How To Know If Someone Has Blocked Me On Whatsapp

Sometimes you get confused whether a friend has just blocked you on WhatsApp or not since there is no official way to check it out.We have listed 3 ways that will show you have been blocked by a user on WhatsApp.
Check out the points below;

  • Check the last seen time of the contact
whatsapp tricks

The last seen time of your contact appears under your contacts name in the top bar.If there is no indication about their last seen, it could be a clear info that you have been blocked, although it could be your network’s problem.
There can also be the case where your contact has intentionally set up his privacy to hide the last seen so don’t be worried just read on.

  • Check out the double checks on message
WhatsApp tricks

The check marks under your message is a way of determining the state of your message; it helps you to know whether your message was delivered or not.
The first check mark means your message has been sent but not received whereas the second check mark means your message has been delivered but not read and the blue mark indicates that the recipient has read your message.
To determine that a person has blocked you through the message checks, you must be aware that if your message never gets pass the first check mark for some period of time, your chances of been blocked by the contact is very high.

  • Change of profile picture.
WhatsApp tricks

If you notice that the profile picture of the person you are chatting with changes to the default WhatsApp profile picture, your chances of been blocked by the contact is very high.

After checking out all these three points to determine whether a contact has blocked you on WhatsApp or not and you find out all the points mentioned here, it is 99% that the person has blocked you.

How To Hide Your Last Seen, Current status and Your Profile picture on WhatsApp

WhatsApp tricks

For some privacy reasons, you might want to make changes to your last seen feature, profile picture and your status on WhatsApp.To setup this; go to your settings tab on WhatsApp, select my account, then my privacy, now you can make any necessary changes from there.

How To Enable Two Step Verification On Whatsapp
WhatsApp tricks

Most people have been seeing this in their settings menu on whatsapp but don’t know the purpose of it, Two step verification is a feature that gives your WhatsApp account an effective security.To enable it:go to settings,m y account>verification in two stages.With this, you can choose to receive a verification message in your email when you need to login to your WhatsApp account.This prevents unauthorized users from accessing your WhatsApp account.

  • Go to settings, my account>verification in two stages.
  • With this, you can choose to receive a verification message in your email when you need to login to your WhatsApp account.This prevents unauthorized users from accessing your WhatsApp account.


These are some of the top WhatsApp tips and tricks you must be aware of a WhatsApp user.I hope you found this article helpful?

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