6 Simple Things You Should Do To Avoid Getting Hacked

prevent account from being hacked

Protecting your account from being hacked is a must for everyone,losing your private data and sometimes money to hackers is worrying,this can cause you more harm than good as in your private data can be leaked and also your online bank accounts can be used any how.
Sometimes you could have prevented this disaster from occuring,this could have happen becase you were careless in some way.
Anyway if you have not experienced any hack in your life or you have being a victim before,just make use of the guidelines we have made below to on the things that you can do to prevent your account from being hacked.Remember, in particular that no one is more bigger to be hacked,it all depends onmeasures you take in place.


Things You Should Do To Avoid Getting Hacked

1.Check For Padlock In The Url

prevent account from being hacked

Make sure there is a padlock sign infron of the web address you are dealing you secure services such as,banking sites,social media sites,email,online shopping, etc with.
Before you register for such websites check whether it begins with https//:” .The s sign means secure and it encripts your data in a safe way that prevent the track of hackers leading to hack.


2.Never use Same Passwords

I guess you are guilty of this,many of us forget about the implications of using a single password for multiple accounts of which the reasons of each one differs;
Many people think using a single password for all their acounnts will prevent them from forgetting their password,but this is a bad practice as it can lead you to danger.Assuming you get one of your accounts hacked,let say Facebook account,then am afraid the hacker will have access to all your personal accounts online like Twitter,Email accounts etc.Now you have seen the effect;its advisable to setup different passwords and email to your accounts to prevent you from losing your valuable information to hackers.

3. Enable Two-Step Verification

CREDIT: Panda security

Using two step authentication or verication is a great way to protect yourself from being hacked.With two step verication,you add an extra security to your account making it more difficult to attack.When two step authentication is enabled on your account,a user is granted permisssion to access your account only after presenting several piece of evidence to an authentication mechanism therefore making it more difficult for a hacker to gain access to your account.
Majority of online sites has this option available so make sure you use it.

4. Do not Connect To Any Free WiFi

Although free WiFi can save you some money but be cautious of the type of WiFi you connect either your phone or Pc to.Most free Wi-Fi are vulnelrable to attack as hackers can steal your personal data especially through hotspot.Make sure you set up a secured password on your home WiFi too.


5.Stay Up To Date

prevent your account from being hacked

Make sure you are using the recent software update of your Computers,Phones and Tablets.Software updates is a good way to protect yourself from security holes in your system,software update mostly provide security patches that fix alot of vulnerabilities in your device.Recentcly,the Ransomware attack that affected most of the computers in the world were reported to be running expired versions of windows OS.To minimizize your chances of being hacked always make use of software updates.


6.Check Before You Download

Before you give permission to any suspicious app to be downloaded onto your phone or software onto your computer,make sure you do some research about the software before you give it access,check the apps rating from Google playstore and also read some reviews about it online to make sure you are not accepting any threat onto your device.



These are some of the factors that you should always consider to avoid getting your account hacked.Dont wait before its too late put them into action.

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