How To Check All The Things Google Knows About You(From Browsing history to Location)


Did you know that everything you do with your Google signed In Phone is being tracked? Well, Google knows everything you do online including the places you visit in your real life.
We are going to show you how Google tracks you on a daily basis in this post, just follow this simple steps to view what Google has stored about you including your assumed age.


1.Go to this URL,



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2.Make sure you are logged into your Google account.

Google saves your search history under your current account, although not all your searches are stored but it can give you a clear view of your life online.
3.From the down arrow next to next week option, on the right-hand-side change it to all time.

4.You also make changes to your search history by selecting either last month or last year.
You can view all your search history from there.

5.Delete browsing data
Your search data can be deleted from Google database by clicking on the three dots on the right-hand side of the window, then select Delete activity.You can also delete your entire information by adjusting the date to all time.



6.Google Knows where you go.

Do you know that Google knows where you have been? Well if you are not aware then follow this simple steps; left-hand side of your account menu go to activity controls, select manage my activity under the locations tab and from there you will be presented with a map of your locations history.
You must note that your location services must be turned on from your mobile device so that you can see all the locations you have used your mobile device.



7.How old Google thinks you are

Google assumes a rough age, gender, and interest for each user through which they display their ads.If you scroll to the bottom of the Activity controls section and then select Ads, you will find a profile Google has created for you.If you think the information there is wrong, you can make changes to make it more friendly.The Google ads you see depends on the information there.

This guide on how surely indicates that Google tracks your browsing history each day.

Hope you find it helpful!



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