10+ Important Websites That Every Google User Should Know

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Almost every internet user knows about Google, but not everyone is aware of all the hidden features on Google.It’s time we show you some services Google provides that you might not have used or heard about.Some of these services are vital for every internet user especially Google and Android users.
Just have a peak through the list we have made below.

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10+ Important Web Addresses That Every Google User Must Know

We have listed below all the most important Google Web Addresses and services that every internet user must know, becasuemake sure you take them sbecauseit might help you some day.

1. Android Device Manager

device manager
device manager

With Android Device Manager, Android users can easily trace the location of their Android phones.It also has a feature which can enable you to remotely delete all the data on your Android device if only you have enabled this feature on your device.
Take note of this great service by Google and make use of it.


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2.Check All Saved Passwords

saved password
saved password

On this website, you can check all your saved usernames and passwords of the respective accounts you have online if you are using either Google Chrome or the Android web browser.With this, you can make reference to your forgotten password for a particular site you have created an account with or know all the websites you have registered accounts with.


3.Vewing All Your Search History

search history

You can checkout all the searches you have made with your Computer or Android phone.To check this all the searches you have made; go to my activities in your Google account by following the address above and you will be presented with all your browsing history.

4.Recent Used Devics

recently used devices

This Url enables you to check all the devices that are connected your google account.If you find any suspicious device you thibk you did not add, you can make changes from there aswell.


5.Google Translate

Are you having any difficulties with communicating with a client who speaks a different language? Don’t worry Google translate will do the hard work for you.Google translate tool can help you translate more than 100 different languages to another easily.

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6.Google Security

To make your Google account more secured in order to prevent hackers from accessing your private data, googleyou can review all your security settings in  Google security from the address above.


7.Url Shortner

Are you a webmaster or you just a facebooker who came across an information online where you would like to share with your friends on social media but the Url looks long and ugly; you caGoogleurl shortner to make the link short for sharing.


8.Managing Ads

Are you aware google creates a profile for you based on all the websites you visit and the type of searches you make; with that, Google creates an assumrd age and genda for you.This determinees the type of ads that are shown to you online.You can make changes to it by going to your ads settings page from the address above.

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9.Google Alerts

Google alerts is a content detection ssrvice that is offered by Google.The purpose of this service is to send email notifications to subsribers when there is any update in your preferred product.


10.Signup Google Account Without Gmail Extention

Do you know that you can create a google account with using the normal extension such as ; username@gmail.com but rather with a differen extention like; username@yahoo.com etc through the above link.

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These are some of the best and important websites that we thought sharing with you will be useful.You can make use of some of these great services from Google.


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