How To Stop Facebook And Google From Tracking You

stop facebook and google from tracking you

How To Stop Facebook And Google From Tracking You

Hello, welcome to Dannystech, today we are going to share with you an awesome trick.
Are you aware that the best social media site Facebook and the search engine giant Google tracks you down on your daily activities you do both on their network and outside?
Well, if your answer is no, then you are missing out something.Google and Facebook stores all your browsing history and your

Google and Facebook stores all your browsing history and your activities online, some of their reason being that they want to deliver to you correct ad choices and to keep your information for improving their network.

Have you recognized that sometimes when you do a search on Google and when you visit a particular website you are presented with an ad matching your search term on Google, this is to confirm that Google stores all your browsing history in order to show you relevant ads.
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The same thing applies to Facebook, when you do a Google or Facebook search about some product and you returns back to your news feed you will most at times be shown with ads according to the type of search you made on either Google or Facebook, this clearly indicates that these networks tracks your browsing history.
You don’t have to worry since there is a way to block them from tracking you.

Today in this post we are going to show you how you can prevent Facebook and Google from tracking your browsing history.

How To Stop Facebook From Tracking You

As you are now aware that Facebook is tracking your browsing history, well if you are not interested in Facebook tracking you just follow the method below to block Facebook from tracking you.

Install Adblock Plus

using adblock

One of the simplest ways to block Facebook ads is to install the chrome extension named Adblock Plus on your browser.You can get it on chrome store and then follow the setup wizard to stop Facebook from tracking you.

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By Using Facebook Ads Settings

facebook ads setting

You can also stop Facebook from showing you ads by visiting the link above and then make sure ads on websites and apps are turned to NO from the Facebook companies.With this, you can prevent Facebook from showing you ads according to your browsing history.


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How To Stop Google From Tracking You

To prevent Google from tracking you is very simple, you just have to go to the Ads personalizations page and configure it according to your wish.Another way you can also accomplish this is by using Google account activity to make changes to how Google tracks you.Follow the steps below to configure your Google account activity.


Google Activity

google activity
google activity

1.You have to visit Google web and Apps page from your Google activity dashboard, now go to Activity controls from the left side of the dashboard.Note that you must be logged in your Google account.

activity controls
activity controls

2.From the account activity menu, make sure you pause your web and app activity, Location History, Device Info, and Youtube search history.
Now you are no more sharing your privacy with Facebook and Google.By far this is the best and simple way you can stop Google and Facebook from tracking you.
You can also you this method to block other sites that show you ads as well.

I hope the above methods on how to block Google and Facebook from tracking you helped, don’t forget to share with your friends.


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