Lock and Unlock Your Pc With A Pendrive [Hackers Style]

protect your pc with pendrive

Lock and unlock your Pc with Pendrive with this simple guide.You want to enable an advanced security for your Pc right,use this simple hack to turn your normal Pendrive into  a security key;this will be the means for starting up and shutting down your computer.

With the help of a powerful software named Predator,this Pc hack can be accomplished.This software turns your USB drive into a key for your Pc. When the drive is unplugged from your Pc,it will be locked up.

This method is one of the most used by hackers and advanced security experts.

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How To Lock & Unlock Your Pc With A Pendrive


Follow the simple steps we have made below to lock your Pc with a pendrive.

1.Download Predator USB Software from their website.

2.Install and launch this software in your Pc.

3.You will be asked to setup a password when you launch the software for the first time.

set password in predator software

4.Make sure your Pendrive is inserted in your Pc then setup your preferred password and continue.

set password and click on ok

5.Now open Predator settings page.

open settings page
predator setting

You can setup your preferred time interval for which your computer should lock if your Pendrive is removed;the default time interval is 30sec,meaning if your Pendrive is removed from your Pc it will be locked up in 30sec time.

warning message

Also,if the Pendrive is removed from your Pc,the system will give you 30sec to input the password you entered during the software installation but if you fails to deliver the correct password it will give you access denied and then your screen will go off.

access denied message

Note: If in case this software does not start automatically when you boot your computer,you can add it to your default startup programs manually.

1.Press Win+R then type into the box that appears; shell:startup and press enter to run your command.

2.Your startup programs menu will appear,you can then drag Predator software shortcut icon from your desktop into the the startup programs menu.

3.If anyone tries opening your Pc and fails,this software will record all the logs for you.

Note that this software protects its own memory process;therefore no one can stop it with Ctrl+Alt-Del

If you are more concerned with your privacy,you can use this method on how to lock and unlock your Pc with a Pendrive .This way it will be very difficult for someone to have access to your Pc because other ways to protect your computer with a password can be easily bypassed.

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