10 Awesome Life Hacks That Makes Your Tech and Mobile Life Easier

Awesome mobile hacks

Make your smartphone and tech life more easily with these collection of awesome tech and mobile hacks.Sometimes life hacks are more important; they can save you more time energy and in some cases money.

Start making use of these tech and mobile hacks we have made to make your life easier, please make sure you spread the word by sharing with your friends if you find them useful. Enjoy …


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10 Awesome Life Hacks That Will Make Your Tech and Mobile Life Easier

Below are the collection of some of the mobile and tech hacks that will make your life easily.

1.Use Your Cassette Case As Your Smartphone Stand

make a smartphone stand from cassette


2.Cool Down Your Laptop By Placing It On Egg Crate

cool down your laptop


3.If You Want Your Phone To Charge Faster, Enable Airplane Mode

turn on airplane mode

4.Make Your Smartphone Stand From A Hair Clip

make your smartphone stand from hair clip

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5.Locate Your Lost Android Phone In A room By Searching Find My Phone On Google

find my phone on google


6.Solve Your Maths Problems Easily By Just Taking A Picture From Your Camera using Photomath App For Android And iPhone


Solve your maths problems with Photomaths app


7.Display Phone Notifications On Your Pc To Save You Time For Opening Your Phone To See Notifications.Use PushBullet.


Phone notifications from Pc


8.Save Your Smartphone Battery Life By Using Black Wallpaper

black wallpaper saves battery life


9.Make Your Charger Last Longer By Using Spring From Pen To Prevent It From Bending & Breaking.


save charger from breaking with string from pen

10.Amplify Your Phone Volume With A Paper Cup.

amplify mobile phone volume


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