How To Make Money Online In Ghana Easily (Ultimate Guide)

make money online ghana
make money online ghana


Making money online in Ghana can be easy and tedious at the same time due to some factors.It is the wish of every internet user in Ghana and the rest of the world to make some extra cash online whether as full-time job or part time.
Are you a high school graduate or a worker who is looking for some ways to make extra Money Online in Ghana,I guess if you have been searching on Google for How To Make money online in Ghana you have encountered several scam sites promising to pay you more than Ghc1000 a day,we’ ve all been victims before but now we’ve done a lot of research on how to make money online,now we know all the best ways to make money online in Ghana.

How To Make Money Online In Ghana

If you don’t have any talent or skill at all, dontjust relax we’ve got you covered.If you are really determined to make money online in Ghana you need to have patiedon’t trust sites that promise you get rich quick schemes , you might end up wasting your time and maybe money aswell.
Just read through our guide below on how to make money online in Ghana.



How To Make Money Online In Ghana

1. Start A Blog In Ghana

Start a blog

If you are really passionate about making money online in Ghana, then I will recommend you start a blog; although blogging is not a make money in a single day business but for long.Before we go into detail how to start your own blog I will explain some terms to you.
A blog is a type of website where post are updated regularly and a blogger is simply a person who creates a post for a blog.
If you want to make some money online in Ghana you can choose to blog as your full-time profession or blog in your free time.

Top 10 Most Highest Earning Blogs In The World

Below is a peak of the most earning blogs in the world;
1.The Huffington Post
3.Perez Hilton
5.Smashing Magazine
6.Timoty sykes
8.Tuts Plus
9.Car Advice
10.Venture Beat

It is possible you too can make it, they all started from zero and now the amount they are earning each month will amaze you.Don’t waste your precious time on social media it’s someone’s business.

Basic things you need to know before you can start your blog.

1.Choose your niche; it is usually what you are passionate about, you can choose to write about tech stuff,health& fitness,news ,blogging, education etc.All these are blogging nitches.

2.Buy a domain
After you have decided what you are passionate about and wants to blog about, you then have to buy a domain name.A domain name is what people will type in the address bar to find your blog.Examples of domain names include;, etc.
You can buy a domain name from here at a very affordable price.

3.Choose your blogging platform
Another thing you have to consider is the type of platform where you are going to build your website on.
There are many platforms you can choose from and some of them include;
Wordpress; the most preferred blogging platform by most of the successful bloggers in the world.
Joomla and Blogspot

Now your blog is live and running and you want to make some money from it.If you are very serious to make money from your blog then the sky is your limit.
We will be discussing with you in our next post how to make money from your blog in Ghana.

What are you waiting for, a lot of people in the world are earning a living through their blogs, you too can make it, a lot of blogs in Ghana are making huge sums of money monthly online in Ghana?



2.Make Money Online In Ghana From Youtube

make money online in Ghana on youtube

Youtube is one of the smartest ways to make money online in Ghana.Every day millions of videos are uploaded on youtube and millions of people also visit Youtube to watch these videos,as a result Google and advertisers has partened together to monetize the videos that are been uploaded on their website.
So whenever an individual clicks and watch your video,it will automatically generate some amount of money in your account.It sounds sweet right?


How To Make Money Online in Ghana From Youtube

1.The first thing you will need to start making money online on Youtube is to have a Google account.You then have to visit Youtube website and from the sidebar navigate to creat an account , before you name your channel you need to think about what types of videos you will be creating then use a name that will reflect the videos you post on your channel.

2.Create high-quality videos
Everyone wants quality things , your videos you create must be professional and engaging in order to attract viewers and then convert them to subscribers.
You must not be copying others videos because you might be banned.


3.Sign up for Google Adsense

After you receive some amount of views on your videos, you can then signup for Google Adsense program from your youtube account dashboard to start receiving money when someone clicks to watch your video.

Now you are making money online in Ghana through the videos you post and the amount you can make is unlimited, it all depends on the number of views you get on your videos.


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3.Affiliate Marketing

Affilliate marketting

Are you famous or you have high number of friends on your social media pages, then its a great way to turn your followers into money.Affiliate Marketing is another great way to start making money online in Ghana.You can check out on companies who have affiliate program,some of these companies include online shops, products and more;sign up for their affiliate program and share your affiliate link in your groups and Facebook pages or you can directly recommend it to your friends and family and when anyone makes a purchase through your affiliate link you receive some commission for that.As simple as ABC. Now you can start making money online through affiliate marketing.You can google about the best affiliates programs to join.

If you really want a quick way to make money online as we are doing here at Dannystech, then  I recommend you signup to Ghana Web Designs Company Limited Affiliate program. Ghana Web Designs is the Best Website Design And Development Company in Ghana that offers cheap web design services to individual. All you have to do is to sign up to their affiliate program and recommend their services to people and if you succeed in getting a client to them, you get paid up to Ghc100 per client. Visit their affiliate programs page now and start making money online in Ghana through referrals. Best Website Design Company In Accra , Kumasi, and Ghana.

Best affiliate programs in Ghana will be updated soon.



make money from freelancing

Freelancing is another great way to make money online in Ghana.A freelancer is a person who offers a particular service to an employer and gets paid for it.Services you can offer are countless; searching the web, entering data, designing logos, taking pictures etc.You can signup for a freelancer account and start biding projects.Visit the largest freelancer site here



5.Sell On Online

Sell on Tonaton

Want to make some extra cash online in Ghana? Start selling your second-hand items on Ghana’s largest marketplace .Create an account with Tonaton and start advertising your old smartphones, TV’s,Shoes etc for potential customers to hook up.

6.Start Risk-Free Betting

risk free beting

Betting is one of the quickest ways to make money online in Ghana.You can start a risk-free online betting which can generate some decent amount of money in a daily basis for you.Risk-free betting does not require you to deposit money into your account before you can start staking your first bet, it is a type of promotion many bookmakers offer to new customers.You can search on Google for the term no deposit bonus bookmakers and take that great opportunity to make money online.


These are some of the best ways you can make money online in Ghana, don’t trust those scam sites that promise to give you money for doing nothing.

In conclusion, I will advise you take a step now, don’t just waste your time and bundle on social media every day, you can start to make money online in Ghana everyday when you follow our guide.

If you have any contribution or you need support you can drop it in the comment box below and we will be happy to assist you shortly.

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