Get Free Mobile Data From Google’s New Android App-Triangle

get free mobile data from google triangle
get free mobile data from google triangle

Yeah, it’s possible you can get free mobile data from Googles new Android app Triangle.The search engine giant Google has been making all things possible to improve the lives of internet users.
Recently Google’s new Android app helps users conserve their mobile bundle and later convert them into a free internet bundle.

The cost of mobile data in some deprived countries is very high and as a result, people are not able to make good use of the internet as compared to countries that get unlimited internet bundle with a little amount of money.So Google considered reducing the data consumption with this interesting app.

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With the advancement of technology and increase in Android app usage, some of these Android apps consume an extreme amount of bundle so as a result Triangle has been developed to take control of that situation.
Triangle app from Google is in its beta stage and currently being tested in the Philippines.
This smart app acts as a data saver and blocks apps that consume high amount of data on your device and it later lets users redeem them as free mobile data.;

google free data earned

As mentioned earlier, Google is currently testing Triangle app in the Philippines but individuals from other countries can also make use of this opportunity and grab this data saving app.

Triangle also enables you to understand what app is consuming your mobile data the most and you can block unwanted background apps that are using your data without your knowledge.

After successful registration of Google Triangle, users will be welcomed with a 100mb Free Internet bundle.

Care to try this app yourself? Then download and install it from here you can also get it on Google Play store.


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