Track Your Friends Real Time Location Via Google Maps

track friends location via google map

Recently Google has updated their Map with an excellent feature which allows you to share your real time location with others.With this new feature in the Google Map you can easily direct anyone to the exact location you are without any difficulty.

With this feature,all you have to do is to simply share your link to your friends either through social media or other means.The link can be accessed on your map by sliding the menu on your map.
Now after sharing your link,users can keep direct track of any location you are.Just follow our guide below to make use of this.

How To Track Your Friends In Real Time Via Google Maps

1.Open your Google map app and tap on the three horizontal line to open a new menu; now tap on share location.

2.Now, tap the add person then choose the time you want your shared link to last for your friend.

3.Choose the one you want to share your location with from you contacts and then finally you tap on share.

4.After your friends have received your link notification,they will be able to monitor your real time location on the Google maps app.

Thats all,now your friends or your visitors can easily locate you without any hussle with the help of Google map.When you give them your link they can then monitor your real time location.



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