Top 10 Websites That Will Make You Smarter

websites that will make you smart
websites that will make you smart

Hello readers, its time to explore new things on the internet.Instead of spending all your day on Facebook checking out on others issues that will not bring anything new to you; try out these websites that can make you smart below in this post.

In this world,I believe the internet has done us more good in terms of providing us with knowledge skills and many others.It all depends on how you make use of it.

Just have a seat and check out the websites that will make you smart.

Top 10 Websites That Will Make You Smarter

Below we have selected websites that will impact new things to you and you will surely love it.The list of these websites are in no other so you can select any of them.


#1.Unplug the Tv

The aim of this website is to prevent you from using the Tv all day instead teach you new things through videos that will make you smart.



If you are a regular searcher, am sure you have come across this website before; Instructables makes it easy to learn and fix common problems through do it yourself guides.


#3.Do It Yourself

As the name implies, this websites aim is to provide its users with a host of stuff from hardware’s, electronics, painting,decorating, household etc. through easy to understand tutorials.



Well, am sure by now every internet user knows about Wikipedia, this free encyclopedia is with packed with useful content across the world.

#5.Brain Pump

Brain pump ensures that you learn some new and entertain yourself as well.It’s loaded with countless videos across different topics.Make use of their free content now.

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Quora is the world’s most popular question and answer site.You can learn new things from this website; users ask real-time questions and they get answers from experienced people, you can also get to what’s happening in other parts of the world.



One of the leading platforms where you can learn new skills.You can learn latest technology courses, finance, business etc to improve your life.



Udemy is also another standard online learning platform where students can learn a new set of skills from their library of more than 45,000 courses. Users who have something to teach can also take advantage and join their teacher’s program.


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Alison is an e-learning provider that offers free course for students worldwide.Users can choose from the courses Alison offers and learn for free.


#10.Khan Acadamy

Khan Acadamy is a non-profit organization that provides you with a wide range of subjects through video tutorials.You can learn a lot if new things on Khan for free.


So above are some of the best websites on the internet that will make you smarter, browse through these websites to learn a new set of skills and save your time from social sites. Hope you discovered something useful in this post, make sure you share with your friends.

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