Best Tips For Buying A Used Smartphone

how to buy a new smartphone
how to buy a used smartphone

There is no doubt that brand new phones are the best, but they usually do not come at cheap prices.You can spend not less than your monthly salary to purchase one.
Buying a used smartphone is a tried and tested way of saving money and this method has been there for ages.Although everyone has his own reason for buying a second hand or used phone. In this guide, we are going to discuss with you some expert tips for buying a used phone to ensure you don’t get cheated.

How To Buy A Used Smartphone

One of the biggest encounters in purchasing a used product is you can not determine whether its 100% secured, and one of these products are smartphones since electronics works differently than other products it becomes very difficult to determine if a used smartphone is in its healthy state .
This guide we have made below will help reduce your risk of buying a used smartphone that has a  fault.

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Buying Used Smartphones

For online shoppers, when buying a used smartphone you need to check the product description carefully, make sure the phone you want to buy has some photos and check for reviews about the phone from already purchased users.Finally, try asking some questions about the phone before you proceed to order so that in case your phone arrives and does not meet the questions you asked you can return and request for a refund.
If you are going to a shop to buy the used phone or you are going to meet in person with the seller then check out these tried and tested expert tips for buying a used phone.

Bonus: Always take someone with you if you don’t have much detail about smartphones.

Below are some of the tried and tested ways for buying a used smartphone.



1.Consider The Price Tag

This is the basic thing you should think about, ask yourself is the phone worth its price? If you know the price for the brand new one you then compare the prices to see if it’s higher or equal to the brand new then you start your negotiations from there, but when you realize the seller’s price is far lower than the brand new then you have to be suspicious.


2.Does The Phone Support Your Network or It’s Been Locked

This is one of the key things you need to consider when buying a used smartphone, Make sure the phone supports all networks because phones that are restricted to a certain carrier tend to be cheaper; you will have to pay extra amount before it can be unlocked.


3.Make Sure The Phone Has Been Factory Reset

Ensure that the used phone you are buying has been hard/factory reset (deleted all phone data).If the phone has not been hard reset and you purchase you might not be able to do the hard reset yourself because you will be prompted to provide a security code which was used earlier; hard reset deletes everything on the phone making it look as if it is a new phone.
Without this measure, ou can not access Google play store and other essential parts of your phone.


4.Check For Physical Damages

It’s essential that you check whether there is no physical damage to the used phone you are buying; this is because some mobile phones parts are very difficult to obtain making your purchased phone useless when the damaged part gets out of hand.

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5.Test The Phone Parts

Make sure you examine the phone properly, insert your Sim and SD card into the phone to check whether they function correctly; try making a call to verify the phone’s speaker and earpiece works correctly.

Check the headphone port of the phone and try to charge the phone to verify the charging system is intact.
Also, try dialing a service code to observe if it works; check out the camera, Play music for some time to test the batteries power.

After observing all the steps above, chances that your device will be risk-free is high.Although some faults are hard to determine within an hour or sometimes days, it’s always advisable you make a deal with a person you can get a guarantee to bring your device back if you encounter any problem.
These are some of the top things you must consider when buying a used smartphone, some of these tips can be considered when buying a brand new phone as well. We hope you get something useful from this post.
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