How To Monitor Real Time Data Usage In Windows

monitor data usage on pc

If you are using internet data plan that is limited, you should know how your data is being used when you access the internet on your computer.If you are an active internet user where you mostly download lots of files such as games, stream videos and download songs you need to monitor your data usage.So you can be aware of how much bandwidth you use per month.In this post, we have listed some useful softwares that can help us monitor real time internet data on windows PC.

Monitor Internet Data Usage In Windows PC

Below are some of the best softwares that can help you know how much data you use; just peek through them.

1.Shaplus Bandwidth Meter

Shaplus Bandwidth Meter

This software is simple and lightweight in size for windows users.Shaplus Bandwidth Meter is a free software that can enable you to monitor the real time data usage.With this software, you can keep track of how your data is been consumed daily and on monthly basis.


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data usage glasswire

Glasswire is one of the best software when it comes to monitoring how your data is being consumed on your windows PC.It has a simple user interface with amazing features.Glasswire is a premium software which also has a free version as well; with Glasswire you get an inbuilt firewall software and you can also detect who is on your Wifi as well. Download Glasswire for free here.

Now with the help of these softwares you can easily monitor the internet usage on your windows Pc so that you avoid wasting your bundle.


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