Top 20+ Things You Didn’t Know Your Android Phone Could Do

android tips and tricks
android tips and tricks

Hello there welcome, we have made a list of the best Android tips and tricks that you didn’t know your phone could do.We all know how useful our Android phones are today so it’s important you know all the tricks associated with your phone.Below is a list of  Top 20+ Things You Didn’t Know Your Android Phone Could Do.

Some of these android tricks we have listed below might be familiar with the geeks so you can check out different tricks as well.

 Things You Didn’t Know Your Android Phone Could Do

As we all know devices always come with hidden tricks and the same applies to android phones, we made a list of the best android tips and tricks you didnt know your android phone could do so have a seat and check them out below.

1.Use Your Phone as surveillance Camera

Now Android phones can be used as a powerful security camera; with the help of IP Webcam an amazing android app, this can be easily fulfilled.


use your phone as a security camera
use your phone as a security camera


2.Record your Android Mobile screen

record your android mobile screen

Have you ever thought of recording your android screen but you were unsuccessful? sometimes you might face a certain problem on your Android phone where you would need the assistance of a friend at some place but unfortunately, you are unable to explain your issue, well I think recording your android screen could have been better.Download Free screen recorder now and enjoy.



3.Check Your Current Internet Speed In Status  Bar

Monitor your real time internet speed on your Android device with internet speed lite metre app.With this, you can know the location where the internet signal is very high.


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4.Check Your Heart Beat Rate from Android Phone

check your heart beat rate

With Android phone, everything is now becoming possible.Now you can check out your heart beat right from your phone with Instant Heart Rate app.



5.Get your Android phone notification on your Pc

Android phone notification on PC

Sometimes you might be busy on your computer but your android phone notification will keep on distracting you.You can directly view your Android phone’s notification on your computer without touching your phone.Download and install Pushbullet now.



7.Block Unknown and Spammy Calls On Android

Every day we receive a lot of spammy and unknown calls from different users; you can put a stop to it by just installing Truecaller Android app.



6.Connect Mouse to Android

connect mouse to android

Ever thought if it’s possible to connect your mouse to your Android phone, yes you can with a wireless mouse.Tutorial on how to connect your mouse to an android phone will be posted soon.




8.Transfer Files to other Android Device With High Speed

No one wants slow stuff, now you can easily share the files on your Android phone with another using the fastest speed possible.Download Shareit and Xender for transferring data between phone to phone up to 5MB/s.



9.Edit Videos In Android Mobile Like a Boss

You shot a nice video where you wanted to add some effects to it but had no idea Android phone could do that.Magisto Video Editor makes it possible to do that easily.

edit videos in Android



10.See Your Country in 3D view.

You can view your country in a 3D format with Google earth Android App.

see your country in 3D


11.Easily Solve Hard Maths Problems on Your Phone

Solve your maths problems

Ever encountered a maths problem that you could not get any help, now with Fraction CalculatorPhotomaths and Myscript Calculator you can easily solve your maths problems by just taking a picture


12.Search Anything By Just Taking A Picture

search anything by taking a picture

Just search for any image in googles database by just taking a picture of it either been a painting, popular image, product or a QR Code.Download  Google Keep



13.Backup Your Files To a Safe Cloud Storage

We always change phones, our phones sometimes get lost, but when we back our files up on cloud storage they always safe.Download Dropbox OR Google drive now.



14.Play PSP Games on Android Phone

Download PPSSPP Emulator now and run your favorite PPSSPP Games on your Android phone.



15.Easily Identify Medical Pills from Your Android Phone

You can have much info about any medical pill with the help of healthkart and Medscape Android apps on the Google Play Store.




16.Create Recycle Bin in Android Phone Like Computer

Android is made in search a way that when you delete some file its gone forever, but when you create a recycle bin folder on your device anytime you mistakenly deletes a file you are safe to recover.Download Dumpster Android app set up your recycle bin.


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17.Extend Your Pc Screen To Your Android Phone


turn your phone into a second monitor of your PC
turn your phone into a second monitor of your PC

Air Duet Screen Display turns your Android phone screen into a second display for your PC.




18.Clone Your Android Phone Screen to another Android Phone

You can easily transfer all the data from one phone to another with an with the help of Cloneit Android app.

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19.Find Duplicate Files on Your Android phone

Duplicate files waste your memory space, find and delete them now using Duplicate Media Remover



20.Secretly Record Phone Calls On Android Phone

Download and install  Automatic call recorder to record phone calls on your Android phones.


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