How To Update an Android Phone-Step by Step Guide

how to update android phone
There are so many reasons why people might want to update their Android phone OS to the latest version available.In this post, we are going to discuss with you the step by step guide on how to update your Android phone without any software.Updating your Android phone is an easy but sometimes risky method to undertake; this is because if it”s not done the right way your phone can be damaged.

Benefits Of Updating Your  Android Phone

Below are some of the benefits and reasons why people usually update their Android phone.

Benefits Of Updating Android Phone

1.You can install different versions of Android Apps

2.It makes your phone run faster.

3.Your phone can not be easily hacked.

These are some of the benefits of updating your Android phone.

Steps To Update an Android Phone

Follow the steps below to update your Android phone without using any software

1.Backup Your Files

In case you are updating your Android OS, there is a chance that your device might crash. To avoid losing your files, ensure that your device is backed up properly.

2.Open your device’s Settings. 

You can find the device Settings by pressing your device’s menu button when you are on the Home screen and select Settings.

3.Go to About Phone and tap on it to open your device’s information screen. 
4.Tap the System Update. 
On some devices when you tap on system update your device will start to search if there is an update available.
5.Tap Check Now. 

Your device will automatically check to see if any updates are currently available.Note that if you realize there is no update available for your device it might be that your device is up to date or your manufacturer has stopped providing support.

Now if you are still curious to update your Android phone manually you will have to research for your device latest OS in order to update your device.

We will be posting how to update your Android phone manually using custom ROM soon.


Note: If there is an update available, the update will begin downloading to your device automatically, therefore, it is recommended to charge your phone fully to ensure your battery does not run out during the process; also if possible you update your phone using wifi since it uses high data.

6.Tap Restart and Install.

Once the update has complete downloading, the device will need to restart. Your device will be inoperable for a few minutes during the process of update.
Now after following all the steps we have listed above you can easily Update your Android Phone.We hope this guide helped you; if you have any issue updating your Android phone do not hesitate to drop your comment and we will be happy to assist you.
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