Vodafone Ekiki Mi-Now You Can Recharge A Single Airtime With 3 Different People

vodafone ekikimi promo how to subscribe
vodafone ekikimi promo how to subscribe

What Is Vodafone Ekiki mi About?

Hello there I hope you were wondering if the title for this article was true;yh here at Dannystech.com we are committed to providing our daily visitors with unique and latest offers available.
Recently, Vodafone Ghana has launched a new promotion titled Vodafone Ekiki Mi.This latest promotion will enable Vodafone subscribers to enjoy one recharge card three different times.I think Vodafone Ekiki Mi is a nice promotion that can increase Vodafone subscribers.We are hoping these network providers continue to give us such offers for long.

How To Subscribe To Vodafone Ekiki Mi In Ghana

The Vodafone ekikimi promo subscription does not require any difficult process before you can start enjoying.Just follow the simple steps below to subscribe to Vodafone ekikimi promotion and enjoy three 3x airtime recharge.

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1.Purchase a Vodafone scratch card as usual.
2.Now load the Vodafone airtime using the normal process.Dial *134*pin#
3.After you have successfully recharged your Vodafone airtime;
4.You have 2 more times to recharge the airtime but with different Sim cards.So let’s say if you have any loved one who is a Vodafone Subscriber you can give them the scratch number to redeem the same amount but as a Vodafone bonus.

Finally, you can also give your purchased Vodafone airtime to a different person to also enjoy this amazing offer by Vodafone.
5.Note that the other two individuals will not follow the normal procedure to recharge the airtime but rather using these code;
Dial *135*pin#

Some Things To Know About The Vodafone Ekiki mi Promo

  • The Vodafone ekikimi pro was launched in Ghana by Vodafone on August 15, 2017, and will end on October 13th, 2017.
  • In order for other people to enjoy the Vodafone ekikimi service they have to reload the scratch card using *`135*pin#
  • To enjoy the Vodafone EkikimI pro the purchased airtime should be GHc2 and above.
    Note that after the first person loads the airtime, the other two chances left for reloading only has three days before the air time becomes fortified.

Now we hope you are glad you visited our site today.Vodafone Ekiki mi promo is a nice initiative by Vodafone Ghana.Make sure you enjoy this service before it’s over.You can start hunting for used Vodafone recharge cards before it’s late.

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