How To Fix A Water Damaged Phone In 10 Easy Steps


Your heart suddenly beeps when you mistakenly drop your phone in water or your phone gets damaged as a result of water contact.That moment when you think everything is over; you lost vital information on the phone and not to talk about the price.

We know how it feels to be in this kind of situation, but don’t panic we’ve got you covered.If you fall under the people who need a solution to fix their water damaged phone then you are at the right place.

Most of the times people usually ask these questions; how to fix water damaged phone, how to fix a water damaged phone that won’t turn on, dropped the phone in water screen won’t work, how do you fix your phone if it drops in water. These and much more are the questions people who encounter this problem usually ask.In today’s article, we’ll show you how you can save a phone that has just dropped in water.


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What not to do after dropping your phone in water

First of all, if your phone gets dropped in water, you need to remove the phone from the water as soon as possible.The longer the phone stays in the water the more difficult it becomes to fix it.Below are some few things you should avoid if you drop your phone in water.

  • Do not apply any heat to the phone
  • Do not press any buttons or keys
  • Don’t plug it in either!
  • Don’t move the phone around too much.


Steps to saving a water damaged phone

Below are some of the tried and tested steps that when applied correctly can help recover a water damaged phone to normal.

1.Firstly you need to turn your phone off if the power is still on.

2.Remove any protective case if your phone has one and then remove SD and Sim card.

3.Use a cloth to dry your phone’s exterior parts.Make sure you do it gently to avoid extending the water into the internal parts of the phone.

4.If the water damage is more spread try using a vacuum to dry all the water from the open parts that are hard to get into; but if in case you do not have one you can still proceed to the next step.

5.One of the recommended methods is to get a bag of rice and put your phone into it for about 2-3 days without touching it.Rice is a good absorbent of water.

6.Now after you have left your phone in the rice for some days, the next thing to do is to take it out and insert your battery into it and then switch it on.

7.The chances that your phone will be up and running is very high but if in case it refuses to switch on try charging your phone.

8.If your phone is unable to charge, try changing your battery as that might fix it.

9.One old method you should also try if all the above method fails is to place your phone in the sun as this also one of the methods that work for many.Make sure to take off all the removable parts of the phone and put the back of it in the sun for some hours.

10.Finally, if you switch your phone on and it starts correctly try playing music and making a call to see if all is intact.If everything goes well then you made it, you just save some money.

Anyway, don’t hesitate to contact your repairer if you find anything strange.We hope this guide on how to fix a water damaged phone helped you.


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