How To Create A Verified Paypal Account In Ghana-Step By Step Guide.

get a verified paypal in ghana

Paypal is the best and the worlds most trusted online payments method.More than 70% of online shops accept Paypal payments.How To Create a Verified Paypal Account in Ghana is one of the worries of most of the internet users in Ghana.Paypal Ghana was available some years back but due to some reasons that are only known to the Paypal team, they blacklisted Ghana from their supported countries.But the fact that Ghana has been blocked does not mean you can not create a verified Paypal account in Ghana everything is possible if Nigerian or a US citizen is here in Ghana and can open a verified Paypal account here in Ghana; I don’t know why a person in Ghana can not also open a verified Paypal Account.

But the sad thing is that majority of the people who know how to create a verified Paypal account here in Ghana are so greedy that before they can teach you how you can also create a verified Paypal Account In Ghana they request huge sums of money from you.


I hope if you are really interested and in need of a Paypal account in Ghana, you have done a lot of research on the web about how to create a PayPal account in Ghana but not to avail.

Almost all the blogs that ranks for the keyword creating a PayPal account in Ghana will not disclose to you all the secrets involved in creating a Paypal account rather they will just tell you some basics about creating a PayPal account in Ghana and then tell you to contact them if you need a Paypal account in Ghana urgently.

A few days ago I was madly in need of a Paypal account to receive my earnings online but unfortunately, I had no idea how to create one so I contacted one of those guys who claims to know how to create Paypal Ghana account.The sad news is that he told me before he can teach me how to create a verified Paypal account in Ghana without changing IP address I need to pay him $100 that is around Ghc450 but unfortunately, I could not afford at that time so I took the challenge to create my own Paypal Ghana account.

After days of hard research, I have been successful in creating a verified Paypal account so if you are here on today be glad because am going to show you how to create a verified Paypal account in Ghana without charging you any penny.The only request I ask from you is after reading this post just make sure you share it with others so we can keep on providing with useful content.


paypal ghana account

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Requirements For Creating A Verified Paypal Account In Ghana

To create a verified Paypal account in Ghana there are few things you will need before you can become successful.

1.You need either a Visa Card, Mastercard, American Express, etc. to create a Paypal account in Ghana.These cards can be obtained from your bank.You just have to request either of these cards and it will be given to you instantly.My recommended bank for your card is UBA although you can also obtain some from Ecobank, GTB, Barclays Bank etc.

Do not worry if you do not have a physical bank account, we will be posting very soon about how to obtain a free virtual credit card to verify your Paypal account in Ghana.

2.Now the next thing you will require is a working email address.One of the most important parts of your Paypal account.

3.With this type of Paypal account, we will be using Nigeria as our country.The only information Paypal will require about the country is phone number and state so we will have to provide a random Nigeria phone number and state.


To get a Nigeria phone number and a State you just have to visit this website fakeaddressgenerator and generate a random Nigeria address.

create a verified paypal ghana

After generating the Nigeria address you just have to note down the phone number and the state; these are the only things we will need and even you can use any Nigeria number and state of your choice as well.

Now that you have these details you just have to proceed to the main Paypal account creation.

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How To Easily Create A Verified Paypal Account In Ghana For Free

Now we are going to create and verify Paypal account in Ghana.Creating a Paypal account is not something that should be difficult but the ones that know how to do it have made it so.Just follow our step by step guide below to create a verified Paypal account in Ghana 2017.

paypal ghana account

1.First of all, you have to visit Paypal website from here

2.Now click on the sign-up button and input the required data.

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3.The next part is where you are required to input the information you generated from the fakeaddressgenerator website.


4.Now you have to add your credit card/Mastercard details.You can also do so later after creating your Paypal account.

5.After successfully adding your card you then have to login to your PayPal account with the same details you used to register.Now you can check your email address to confirm a message from Paypal.


After adding your card Paypal will then deduct some small amount from it to verify whether the card is working.They will then send you some four digit pin which you will need to verify your account to show the card really belongs to you.

To get your pin code you just have to contact your bank either via phone call or go to their office and request for the code.That’s all!




Below is my personal Paypal account dashboard.I created the account using the same information I have posted here.


Last purchase I made with my Paypal account?


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Hurray! you have successfully joined the Paypal team.Now you can enjoy online shopping without any limit.

Note that this account was only created for the purpose of this tutorials, we are committed to sharing our experience with our users free of charge.

With this simple tutorial on how to create a verified Paypal account in Ghana our fellow pals are charging money for it but we are just sharing it with you for free.

Now we have completed our research on how to create a Verified Paypal Account With A Free Virtual Credit Card.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you an easy way you verify your Paypal Account in Ghana and every part of the world using a Free Virtual Credit Card.Most people have been looking for a way to create a verified Paypal Account in Ghana for Free using USA virtual credit card.

If you fall under the people who have been searching for;
How do I set up a Paypal Account in Ghana for free?
How to register for a Paypal Account In Ghana
How To Create and Receive Cash from Paypal In Ghana
How to easily Create a Paypal Account In Ghana
Free Virtual Credit Card for Paypal In Ghana

Your search is over, be glad you came across this website and do not forget to Share this post and Subscribe to our Email Newsletter for Exclusive updates.
You are already aware that Paypal is not allowed in Ghana and some parts of the world; that’s why you clicked on the link to read this post or you don’t own a credit / MasterCard yourself. With a Virtual credit card, you can do everything a physical Credit/Mastercard can perform online just that you can not touch the card physically.

You want to create a verified Paypal Account right? Everyone knows what having a Paypal account as an online shopper is capable of and what benefit you also get when you own a verified Paypal Account in Ghana or the rest of the world. Verified PayPal accounts increases trust, limits, and security – something that you want if you use the service regularly.

How to Verify PayPal Account Easily with Free Virtual Credit Card (Wirex Card)

Wirex Cards are virtual forms of Credit /Mastercard that can be applied online.The best thing is there is no need to visit any physical location for your card or to do any transactions.
To a Free Virtual Creditcard (Wirex Card), just follow this simple tutorial below carefully.


Step-by-step Guide on how to get a Free Virtual Credit Card (Wirex card) from Wirex platforms (desktop, app).

To get a Wirex card you must first open an account with them for free.

How to Get a Wirex Card from Desktop Platform


Step 1

Open an account here


Step 2
Confirm your registration by activating the link sent to you via email.


Step 3

Now you have to order your virtual credit card for free.Please do not be confused with their offers, you can obtain the card for free.

-On the dashboard of Wirex Account, Click on the USD Virtual Credit Card and exist the pop up that appears.
-Now you have to input your details in the next window that pops up.This will be the information that will show on your Virtual credit card.
-Finally, you have to confirm the details that will appear in your Virtual cc and then proceed.

Step 4
After your virtual CC has been processed, click on the return back to the dashboard.


Step 5

Now on the left side of the dashboard under the Accounts tab, click on Virtual Credit Card  and then click on the Send CC button.
Your Virtual CC details will be emailed to you instantly.


Step 6

Check your email for your Virtual CC details.Congrats, you have successfully created a free virtual credit card to be used to verify your PayPal account in Ghanan and every part of the world.

Now that you have successfully created your free virtual credit card.

We hope this tutorial How To Create And Verify Paypal Account With Free Virtual Credit Card in Ghana and the rest of the world helped you achieve what you have been searching for, please do not forget to Subscribe to Our Email Newsletter and share this post to reach the rest in need of it.


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    • You can not receive or redraw money into your account; you can only use it to pay others and shop online. The reason being that Nigerian Paypal accounts are only limited to Sends money only and the same applies to most of the African countries that use Paypal.
      If you want to receive money from your PayPal account u need to create a USA Paypal account.

  1. Please how can i change the phone number and city to a Ghanaian one. Hope using the Nigerian phone number does not mean any harm

    • Sure you can not receive or redraw money into your account; you can only use it to pay others and shop online. The reason being that Nigerian Paypal accounts are only limited to Sends money only and the same applies to most of the African countries that use Paypal.
      If you want to receive money from your PayPal account u need to create a USA Paypal account.

      • Please i was a victim of the research of how to create a paypal account in ghana for free buh all the known ppls wer charging 150cedis so i take it to myself and research far and i lately created one uk paypal and i verified it with same virtual card from cofred
        Buh unfortunately i forget the details of my card so i want to remove and create wirex card and use it . My question is how can i fund the card. And can i use the uk paypal in GHANA ..

  2. Danny, after creating the free virtual credit card to verify your paypal account and you use it to shop an iteam online,which address will you refer the iteam to before you recieve it in Ghana.
    And can you choose to completely use a fake details in your paypal account.

  3. Comment:please does USA paypal account require a long process?and how can i link a USA bank to my local bank?am asking because i only need paypal to recieve money.
    Thank you

  4. Hello Sir , am so grateful for this ,

    *I want to know if there is anyway you can use your own mobile Ghanaian number ?

    *how you can connect your earnings to your mobile money wallet?

    *Your post on PayPal was done in 2017 , is there any new update on how to create PayPal in Ghana for 2018?


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