Review (Everything you need to Know About MyGhPay Platform)

Gone were the days when doing transactions online in Ghana and the rest of the world was as hard as a nail.With the advancement of technology in the country, things have now been made so easy that; within a twinkle of an eye two parties can make exchanges without spending much time.

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Recently, One of Ghana’s leader in Banking, GT Bank has introduced a payment gateway for businesses across the country and in other parts of the world to enjoy ease of transactions.

           What Is MyGhPay.Com About?

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One might ask; what is all about? Well, is simply a platform designed to enable individuals, businesses, and organizations make transactions online using various payments method available in Ghana such as Credit Card, Mobile Money and much more.

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Users of Myghpay platform can make payments to DSTV, ECG, Ghana Water etc.
Myghpay has also partnered with various institutions across the country to enable students, wards and care-takers pay their respective bills without walking to the physical location.You just have to pass by MyGhPay’s website and make the transactions.

Considering the number of individuals who own Android phones, MyGhPay has developed an Android application for their platform to help speed up users transactions.You can download the latest version of MyGhPay app by GT Bank here.

Now checking out MyGhPay.Com website we noticed some issues which need to be fixed asap.
Although the platform is new so we are aware they are now testing things out.What we noticed was that their website is not all that responsive and user-friendly.The web pages load slowly.

Also accessing the website from a low-quality phone does not function well.That means most users who are not using high powered phones cannot make use of their site.
We are hoping they discover this post so they can fix those issues.

In conclusion, is a good initiative by GT Bank.Ghana needs to adapt to the digital system and it will help move the country forward.

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