Whatsapp Now Lets you Delete Sent Messages So Recipient Can’t See them.

It’s obvious everyone has mistakenly sent a wrong message to the wrong person at the wrong time on Whatsapp before.That moment you have nothing else to do about the sent message.

Thankfully whatsapp’s new update will allow you to have full control over both your outgoing and incoming messages.That is;if you unintentionally send a wrong message to someone on whatsapp you will have the opportunity to delete the message without the recipient having access to see it.

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With the new update,holding onto a particular message and tapping on the trash icon willl show you two options,as either delete the message from everyone or delete it from your phone.
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When chosen to delete from everyone,the message on your screen will appear as “you deleted this message” on your phone whereas your recipient’s screen will show as,”This message was deleted.”

We believe this will be a great feature for many users.But there are some conditions attached to it;Whatsapp will only grant you seven minutes to delete a message after you have sent it.Once the seven minutes is up;there is nothing more you can do about it and the person you sent the message to will have access to it forever.

We are currently using the v2.17.400 of whatsapp beta.The whole new feature will be available for everyone within the next few days.You can keep an eye on your device to see if the update has landed on your device.

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