How To Find Email Sender’s Identity And Location:Reverse Email Lookup

There is no doubt that majority of internet users receive at least one email from an unknown person daily.Although the sender might be your old friend, a relative or a college but the email message does not contain that much information which will help you figure out who just Emailed you.
Today we are going to share with  what  you can do to find out the information of an email sender.
There are some services available that can help you dig more info about the person using just the email id.
Well if you want to save your time guessing who sent you that mail, read on to find out how to find an email sender’s identity and location using reverse email lookup.

Find Email Senders Identity: Reverse Email Lookup

There are many ways out there that we can use to detect the identity of an email id.Ranging from free to paid, we are are going to discuss these reverse email lookup services below with you.

Note that these services work with all the popular email providers including Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Rediff mail, and even emails with custom domain names.

1. Reverse Email Search on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best places to go when you want to find out more information about someone.Facebook’s search box that we usually use for searching the names of places, people and pages also allow us to search for people using an email ID.With this, all you have to do is to copy the sender’s email ID and paste it into Facebook search box.If the user of that email has added it to their Facebook profile it will just produce the profile of the email ID.

reverse email search using facebook

You can also find details of an email ID using the search box of other top social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.



2. Using Email Clients : Automatically Extract Sender Information

One of the best ways to keep an eye on both your incoming and outgoing emails is to to use an email client which automatically extracts all your email IDs and display their info right in front of them.Currently, am using Mac so my best email client is Polymail.Polymail extracts and displays an email IDs information right before it so there is no need to go searching on other platforms for details about that particular email account.For Windows users, you can check out another alternative to Polymail,MailBird.

Although this is not as powerful as Polymail but its better than nothing.MailBird allows you to directly look up emails on LinkedIn to find who it belongs to.


3.Using Browser Extensions For Reverse Email Search

Another great way to do reverse email search email search is by using some powerful browser extensions.There are many browser extensions that can help you find the sender’s information but the one we recommend is “FullContact for Gmail“.It allows you to find out some vital information about an email account without any difficulty.


Why You Should Always Perform Reverse Email LookUp

1. Protect Yourself From Scams

2. Stay Safe While Buying And Selling Online

3. Find Out Who’s Emailing you.



Use Reverse Email Lookup to Extract Sender’s Details

Above are some of the best ways to find out more about an email address.You must note that it might be very difficult to figure out the person behind a fake/disposable email address as these people normally do not add their email ID to any of their real accounts.

Using reverse email search to find out about the identity of an email account makes it possible to know more information about the people we deal with in our emails daily.

We hope this post about How To Find Email Sender’s Identity And Location: Reverse Email Lookup helps you decide who to get in touch with in your inbox.


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