How To Create And Verify Paypal Account With Free Virtual Credit Card

In this tutorial, we are going to show you an easy way you verify your Paypal Account in Ghana and every part of the world using a Free Virtual Credit Card.Most people have been looking for a way to create a verified Paypal Account in Ghana for Free using USA virtual credit card.

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You are already aware that Paypal is not allowed in Ghana and some parts of the world; that’s why you clicked on the link to read this post or you don’t own a credit / MasterCard yourself. With a Virtual credit card, you can do everything a physical Credit/Mastercard can perform online just that you can not touch the card physically.

You want to create a verified Paypal Account right? Everyone knows what having a Paypal account as an online shopper is capable of and what benefit you also get when you own a verified Paypal Account in Ghana or the rest of the world. Verified PayPal accounts increases trust, limits, and security – something that you want if you use the service regularly.

How to Verify PayPal Account Easily with Free Virtual Credit Card (Wirex Card)

Wirex Cards are virtual forms of Credit /Mastercard that can be applied online.The best thing is there is no need to visit any physical location for your card or to do any transactions.
To a Free Virtual Creditcard (Wirex Card), just follow this simple tutorial below carefully.

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Step-by-step Guide on how to get a Free Virtual Credit Card (Wirex card) from Wirex platforms (desktop, app).

To get a Wirex card you must first open an account with them for free.

How to Get a Wirex Card from Desktop Platform


Step 1

Open an account here


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Step 2
Confirm your registration by activating the link sent to you via email.


Step 3

Now you have to order your virtual credit card for free.Please do not be confused with their offers, you can obtain the card for free.

-On the dashboard of Wirex Account, Click on the USD Virtual Credit Card and exist the pop up that appears.
-Now you have to input your details in the next window that pops up.This will be the information that will show on your Virtual credit card.
-Finally, you have to confirm the details that will appear in your Virtual cc and then proceed.

Step 4
After your virtual CC has been processed, click on the return back to the dashboard.


Step 5

Now on the left side of the dashboard under the Accounts tab, click on Virtual Credit Card  and then click on the Send CC button.
Your Virtual CC details will be emailed to you instantly.


Step 6

Check your email for your Virtual CC details.Congrats, you have successfully created a free virtual credit card to be used to verify your PayPal account in Ghanan and every part of the world.

Now that you have successfully credit your free virtual credit card,please read our Step by Step Guide on How To Create a Verified Paypal Account For Free In Ghana.

It provides detailed information on how to create a Paypal Accoint and Verify it with your Mastercard/CreditCard.


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